Six ways to dress up a striped cloth

Smart Ways to dress up a striped cloth
We all feel that striped cloth is a borrowing thing to wear and we would have kept them
aside in our wardrobe and drawers. And we would hardly consider them in our weekly
wear. In our day to day life we never thing of wearing a striped tee and doesn’t even
come to our mind either. Many things have changed in fashion over a period of time.
So let us come out with a new style and learn to make use of the following six ways to
dress up with a striped cloth.

1. Short Leather Skirt goes very well with striped shirt with full length with dark
or black accessories, comfortable boots with little heels. This is the look of
confidence and sexy appearance.
You can also make a combination of dark and light striped cloth. Like dark
vertical striped shorts with light horizontal striped Top along with some dark
accessories will make you look sexy.

2. When we are away from our work, striped shirt can also be worn with your
sweats. Along with a military jacket and some accessories like dark bag, blue
shoes and dark color watch. This gives you a cool look.
The other way to wear a striped light colored top along with dark jeans and
with a woolen jacket plain or printed will work. This is a winter cool look.
3. You can get complete office attire with a striped shirt. Wear it with light color
trousers, with some dark accessories; beautiful heels will give you simple and
beautiful look.
f you want to get rid of pants, trousers or skirt, try wearing light colored striped
shirt with a dark striped knit and a dark jacket with high heels will give you
professional look for the summer.
4. You can wear a striped tee in a evening also. Just wear with long skirt along
with leather black jacket. In addition dark accessories with a pair of high
heeled sandals. This gives you a sexy look for the evening.
You can also make your evening look even more attractive by wearing striped
tee with a loose fit skirt which are made of metallic and are glitzy. Cool
summer scandals and a leather belt. This look makes you more of party style.
5. To wear on a day to day basis wear it with a printed mini along with high
heeled boots. If you are going out at night then wear leather jacket which
gives you a casual look.
You can also wear different colored shorts with striped tee underneath. This
gives you cool look for summer.

6. Wear the striped tee with a mini of light color. Pair them up with high heeled
boots of blue color. This you can wear for night out for dancing. Make this
wear more fun by wearing some fabulous accessories in which you look
Make you striped tee more attractive by sticking some of your favorite stickers
on it which may be of a flower, a cartoon etc. Wear this tee with miniskirts
along with dark goggles.

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